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Caroline graduated from Wellness Massage Center and Institute in 2019. After her previous career as a staff specialist and paralegal, massage school was a welcome relief from corporate life. She always felt drawn to helping others and massage school gave her the skills and ability to fulfill that dream. 

Caroline was not a stranger to massage before school. Growing up, she always found herself soothed by physical contact- a feeling that she has carried with her into adulthood. Like many massage therapists, she finds comfort in giving and receiving. Her work as a massage therapist is focused on relaxation and stress relief. 

In today’s world, an estimated 90% of disease is stress-related. She strongly believes that massage can help manage stress and anxiety. It can also enhance sleep quality, improve concentration, increase circulation, and reduce fatigue. As a massage therapist, her first goal is to establish a sense of trust that will support her clients’ ability to heal. 

Massage by Caroline is the culmination of a lifetime of belief in the healing power of touch and certain healing modalities including Swedish Massage (relaxing); Deep Tissue Massage (treats chronic muscle pain or injuries); Shiatsu (trigger points - relaxing); Reiki (energy work); Reflexology (foot massage); Thai (stretching); Hot Stone (relaxing); and Pre-Natal.

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Deeper, Slower Strokes for Chronic Pain & Injuries

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