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Massage by Caroline uses the healing power of touch to bring health and wellness to both body and mind. Our modern lives are so full of movement and responsibility. Massage provides the time and space for you to take care of yourself and receive the attention you need to heal. 

Caroline uses a combination of holistic healing therapies, depending on the clients’ specific needs. In general, Swedish relaxation massage is used to relieve stress, Deep Tissue massage for chronic tension in the muscles, Reiki for energetic healing related to stagnant energy and emotions… Sometimes, a client needs a little of everything. Caroline uses her knowledge and intuition to treat your needs and requests of the moment.

Not sure which treatment might be right for you?  Keep reading to find out more about the healing modalities at Massage by Caroline or send us a message to find out more.

Deeper, Slower Strokes for Chronic Pain & Injuries

Trigger Point Therapy for Reducing Stress & Tension

Gentle Massage for All Stages of Pregnancy

A Deep & Targeted Foot Massage

Light Touch Energy Healing

Japanese Acupressure to Balance Chi

Long, Soothing Strokes to Calm the Body